Wwise Limbo Redux

First Prize Winner on  Wwise Limbo redux Contest !

To test Wwise, I wanted to produce an interactive music and a sound design in a temporal game play.I was impressed by the sound design of Martin Stig Andersen on Gravity Jump zones.The musical interactivity in Gravity Jump is surprisingly simple , and effective in the Limbo gravity game play .This produces a beautiful and intense piece of music, perfectly synchronized to the game. In this sequence, which is very interesting is that the sound is the only sign informing the player about the temporal evolution of gravity timer.

I like the idea that music is dynamic in a game, serving both the atmosphere and game play. I wanted an alternative to the Andersen rhythmic acceleration (Geiger drums & Geiger menu), while maintaining the anticipation of change of gravity with music and sound (keeping the sign).And also, using Wwise as a music sequencer.

So I have not used acceleration of rhythm, but many music events, identifiable in time and in a fixed bpm. All the sounds forming this sequence are separable and independent. It helped me havinge more flexibility in my audio integration work. Limit: Unlike the system of Andersen, mine only works if the graphics engine forces a fixed frame rate.

5 is the key number of the sequence. 5 seconds up , 5 seconds down (96bpm ) and 5 areas, 5 steps (enter , boysurvive1 , boysurvive2 , boysurvive3 and boysurvive4 ) . So I clocked all my sounds  at 96bpm, including an auxiliary channel with a delay in 96bpm, starting playback of multiple sounds with an initial delay in 96bpm, and using the RTPC_gravityTimer (5 seconds between gravity changes) for several loops and longs sounds. Furthermore, I created a change between the 5 areas of the scene, gradually increase the dramatic tension.

Artistically, I wanted to stay in the dark and granulous aesthetic of Andersen . And finally, stay in the picture tone. I wanted to draw contrasts between musical elements, contrasting sound spaces, contrasting sonority and tessituras, melting musical / non-musical elements as a unit. To emphasize tensions and releases between gravity up and down gravity.To accentuate the speech of the modern implacable machine where is the little boy.

DIY enthusiast , all these sounds were made ​​and designed by myself with synthesizers and sounds recording. None of these sounds come from sounds banks or synthesizer presets.

My sounds :

Basically, I wanted to do differentiations between up state and down state using delay echoes, tones, chords, and tessituras for exemples, and develop the idea of ​​tension and release with sound.

the Louds sounds : representatives of the sound space , put the helpless boy in a vast and hostile environment. These pulsations are extremely reverberating, and are played on the first time of the gravity change .A delay echoes with a long feedback is played on louds gravity up to suspend these sounds . Sounds « signals » , in the same container, are played in a half state of gravity up, and reciprocally, in a half state of gravity down.

the Pad satured sounds : are signs for imminent reversal gravity. Volume rise, and lowpass filter fall, in the end of a gravity state, with the rtpc_gravitytimer. Extremely saturated, and fat to warn of danger.  I separated  low, medium and high frequencies,to manage tessituras changes in real time with rtpc_gravityTimer .These sounds contribute to tensions.

Sounds « acc » are their medium releases equivalents (in louds containers).

the Attack sounds : powerful bass impact played in gravity inversion, have meter in side- chain, for  » deafen  » all sounds when this event occurred . My goal with theses low pulses sounds was to boost these events, and make the gravity changes powerful  and relentless. They are releases sounds.

the Drones sounds : musical pad elements , notes that evolved step by step . These sounds contribute to the harmonic tensions when gravity is reversed, and notify the progress of the player in the 5 differents areas.

the Pads sounds : placed in state ambiance _sws_modern_jump_boysurvive1_ boysurvive2_boysurvive3_boysurvive4_enter_gravityButton2Pressed. These sounds are created to give more depth to the sound space. There is different notes depending on the area, and volume progressively increase step by step.

the Gravity Changes sounds : are all sounds corresponding to the mechanism of gravity change machine : growing /roughing ramps and transcients signals of gravity changes. The ramps sounds for gravity up announcement go to the delay echoes bus, to suspend the little boy.

The conceptState sound : are the remains of independent sounds link to the gravity change : a « shafts « like a vacuum played for gravity up,  » sineFm « with a pitch rise for up ans fall for down, and others sound effects  like » wooshes up and wooshes down « , « sands » to to bring reality.

The Blocks : Large cubes for which I redid the sound ( very close to the originals).

The Gun: emphasized the mechanical and metallic sounds .



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